Q1. Do you deliver to my area?
To find out if we service your area simply type in your post code in the top section of the home page.
Q2. Will you accept a different brand of Cylinder?
Yes, we accept all branded BBQ, Soda Gas and Home Brew Co2 cylinders.
Q3. What if I don’t have a bottle to swap over?
No problems, you can simply purchase a cylinder online with Gas Guyz.
Q4. Where should I leave my empty cylinder to have it swapped over?
Empty cylinders should be accessible for our drivers to swap over. Some common places to leave your cylinder include the front porch or next to the bins. If you think we need some extra instructions to find the cylinder just add these instructions in the delivery notes when placing your order.
Q5. When will my deliver occur?
All orders placed prior to midnight will be delivered the following business day, Monday to Friday. Please ensure your cylinder is outside and accessible to our drivers.
Q6. How do I pay for my order?
As we are an online business, all orders are paid online at the time of purchase so we are unable to accept cash payments.
Q7. How can I refer Gas Guyz to Family and Friends?
Gas Guyz currently employs a referral program which rewards you every time you refer Gas Guyz to your friends and family. Click here to learn more. 
    Q8. Are all the regulator fittings on Homebrew cylinders the same?
    Currently the Homebrew 30% mix has a type 50 valve while the CO2 40% and 55% have a type 30 valve.

    Q9. Why does my BBQ cylinder valve look different?

    Due to changes advocated by the Australian LPG Industry, a new safer LPG valve has been created and will be implemented over a 10 year change period. For now we will continue to have a mix of old and new valves however over time phase out the old valve. For more detailed information please refer to the New BBQ valve info Pdf

    Q10. What valve will I get when I place my order?

    We are currently exchanging bottles with the same valve as the bottle left out for us to collect. The New valve can be used on all fittings, for assistance on the new valve please refer to the Pdf in Q9. If you specifically need a new valve please put a note in your order and we will deliver the correct bottle for you.

    Q11. How do I connect my BBQ appliance? 
    Please use this handy visual guide to easily connect your hose to your BBQ bottle.

    Q12. Why is Shop Pay asking for a verification code when I log into my GG account? 

    When you log into your GG account, Shop Pay gives you the option to also log into your Shop Pay account to fast track the payment process. If you prefer not to do this you can press the x button found on the top right of the Shop Pay pop-up and log into your GG account normally.
    Please note should you chose to pay with Shop Pay, you may need to go through the verification process during checkout which cannot be skipped .

    Q13. What are Gas Guyz Homebrew cylinder dimensions? 
    Please refer to the Homebrew dimensions pdf for all the Homebrew cylinder dimensions.