Help the Environment and Yourself – How?

If you are using disposable CO2 cylinders at home or in the office you are wasting your money. Gas Guyz's 2.6kg refillable cylinder cost $110 to purchase and only $35 to refill. Our competitors disposable 2kg twin packs cost between $170-$240 and you keep paying the same ridiculous amount every time you replace them.

Our 2.6kg cylinders are used for sparkling water, brewing, dispensing liquids and many other applications. The breakdown below compares the average retail cost of a 2.6kg refillable cylinder vs a disposable twin pack of CO2 cylinders (2kg).

          2.6kg CO2 Cylinder

Environmental Benefits:

This doesn’t just benefit your back pocket but also the environment. Gas Guyz’ refillable cylinders reduce your household waste and reduces the load on the environment as you no longer have to dispose of your cylinders.

Be more socially aware of the impact of your purchasing decisions.

Why waste money and create more stress on the environment.

Purchase a 2.6kg Gas Guyz cylinder now and have it delivered to your home!

Written by Gas Guyz

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